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BEACH WEDDINGS: The Complete Guide to Achieving the Fun, Fabulous and Affordable Wedding You’ve Always Wanted

BEACH WEDDINGS: The Complete Guide to Achieving the Fun, Fabulous and Affordable Wedding You've Always Wanted

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Planning a Beach Wedding from a distance can seem like a formidable task, as you long to be married on your favorite beach, with your closest friends and family there with you.

It doesn't need to be intimidating at all. As a Wedding Officiant, running a Beach Weddings service for 17 years, I have been through all of the ups and downs of planning from another state. We cater to every couple, whether it will be just the two of them, or they are inviting 150 of their closest family and friends, and I understand that the process can be a bit nerve-wracking!

Each couple's ceremony is the most important one in the world. Not just to them, but to me as well. I know that when a couple is planning their only wedding, that they are excited, and want to have every single answer possible, as quickly as possible. Then they can take some time to consume everything and begin to make decisions.

In my business in Ocean City, Maryland - Ocean City Weddings - I strive to respond as quickly as possible to each and every request. Even though the questions are often the same or similar, I never get tired of answering each one for every couple, as many times as they need to ask, to get the answers they need. After all, it's new to THEM.

To help couples everywhere, as summer Beach Wedding planning season is in full swing, I wanted to put together as many questions and answers as I possibly could, to make that beginning-planning process just a little bit easier.

Covered inside are topics from how to choose the best location for your specific ceremony, to how to decorate; what ceremonies and traditions to include; who pays for what; what to do for favors; what music to play; what to wear; inexpensive wedding cakes and receptions; photography... and more.

If I haven't covered it here, send an email to me with your specific questions, and I will do my best to respond to you with the information you need. Then I will put together an add-on and send it to everyone who has sent me an email to request future updates.

I look forward to your feedback on the book, any typos you can find and anything else you would like to see covered in detail. I will include those topics in the revised and updated version, and see that you get the updates. Just let me know that you want to get them.
Help me tweak this version before it goes to print.

Thank you to the 2000+ couples that I have married over these past years since I founded Ocean City Weddings back in 1998. Without you, your feedback and your original ideas of things you would like to include, I wouldn't have had all of the incredible experiences that I have enjoyed with you and your families and friends all these years.

Come see me for your Beach Wedding and Renewal of Vows. I look forward to meeting you and celebrating your love in Ocean City, Maryland.

Pastor Mary


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